Good Fortunes

The Chinese restaurant in my hometown changed their fortune cookie brand.  The individual wrapped cookies taste slightly sweeter, and the fortunes appear in blue ink now instead of red.  Perhaps, it’s a political statement, but I doubt it.  The slivers of paper provide a short lesson in the Chinese language, a few random numbers for playing the lottery, and a unique verse, made even more unique to us because after frequenting the restaurant for more than a decade, we had received most if not all of the available fortunes.

Today, our four cookies gave us insight in making decisions for ourselves (mom), foretold that we would spend time outdoors, near water, in the mountains (dad), and recommended that it is time to learn something new to advance our skills and ability (me).  Maybe these fortunes simply stated the obvious, as Dad has been spending more time outdoors on the farm nestled in the mountains, where he’s been duck hunting on the pond.  If that is the case, then Mom and I should take heed, but we still have the fourth cookie to understand.  In our family of three, this fourth cookie went to me, as the packaging affixed itself to the first cookie I selected.

This fourth fortune proclaimed “Oops! Wrong cookie.”

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