The Great Indoors


We become homebodies this time of year, taking a break from the walks to and from work and the weekend hikes to spend time with family and friends. Of course, the after Christmas storm in the Washington DC metro-area contributed to this indoor inclination. Even the dog barely ventures outside, but when she does, she’s wearing her Lands End pet squall jacket that appeared under the tree just in time. In the morning slush, she gave a pitiful look that might translate into doggie-boots next year. For now, the coat is enough of a super hero, a cape that makes her conquer her fear of cold rain.

Our other recent adventures have included a night-time trek through Zoo Lights, where the entire stretch of the main path of the zoo becomes a bright display of wrapped trees and timed effects. The trail ends at its normal kid-friendly petting zoo, where the barn animals contently start through the slated gates of their stalls. They are the only animals on display at this time of day, but the admission remains free, so it’s a nice holiday diversion from the lights of the city. The zoo strategically opens some indoor exhibits to provide stops for warmth and nourishment, and one of the favorite stops for our party of six came in the unexpected display of lego trains and buildings, most of which the men already owned at one age or another. Some of which remain on display in my apartment today.

Our shopping excursions took us through the territory of Bass Pro Shop in Hanover County, Virginia, so we couldn’t resist a quick diversion to the great outdoor store. Again, our attention centered on a side attraction, this time in the form of a giant salt-water aquarium that serves as the bar backdrop in the adjoining Islamorda restaurant. We enjoyed Sunday brunch while staring at species of fish, some of which we have at home in a smaller form in our own 40-gallon tank.

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