Reclaiming Fall

D.C. weathered recent storms to emerge this weekend with two beautiful fall days.  Enough trees clung on to now fall onto the sidewalk and provide the crunchy fodder that defines this season.  Fortunately a few blocks in our part of the city retained their color into November.  For an added dose of orange, we traveled to Clemson, S.C. two weeks ago for a weekend wedding. There, the trees and the botanical garden retained their greenery, and the south welcomed us with warm breezes, sweet tea, and pumpkin pastries.  It comes as no surprise that Clemson has been voted the best tailgate in the South by the definitive source, Southern Living.

This weekend past we stayed closer to our (still) new home, taking in a quarter of a Georgetown football game and finding the remaining bits of fall and river debris at Carderock and one of our favorite hiking grounds, the Billy Goat Trails.  There, leaves still cling to the tress, along with moss and debris from the river that recently crested well above its normal banks.