Dog Days of Summer

The dcist reported this week that some city pools will open their gates later this month for the Fourth Annual Doggie Day Swim.  Dogs can dive in on October 8, or if baseball is more their style, Nationals Park sells outfield seats for $8 for Sept 22.  Unfortunately, the first option is a little too active for my dog, and the second is too much of a spectator sport.  She considers herself part of the tennis-ball set.  Plus, let’s not forget the challenge of getting a dog to either of these events. The natural method is to walk, but both the pools and the ballpark are several miles away.  So we would resort to driving our car across the city and paying for parking, or taking a dog-friendly cab, another expensive prospect.

These dog days of summer should include a take your dog on public transit day.  It’s a natural accompaniment to the already popular take your dog to work day that occurs earlier in the summer.  And our dog would fully endorse this day.  She already looks longingly at the metrobus every time it pulls up to a stop along our walk, and she’s lunged for the doors a few times, hoping to catch a ride.  We think her affinity for public transportation stems from the afternoons that she’s met one of us at the bus stop.  The bus brings us home, so it must go some where equally awesome. In this case, I know she would enjoy the ride more than the destination.

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