Back to School Season

Taking a Canoe on the Potomac River

We braved the tax-free weekend in Virginia at Tyson’s corner.  I wanted to go back-to-school shopping in any form. My husband needed to return a leather messenger back that had a broken clasp and take his computer in for repairs as well.  The bag broke from normal wear-and-tear, and LLBean agreed to exchange it through their lifetime guarantee.   That exchange gave us plenty of time to browse their new bags and backpacks, all displayed at the main entrance, with a giant model of their signature back.  I used one of this backpacks all through high school, and they are still some of my favorite bags, but I was more inspired by the outdoor gear, so as soon as we returned home, we ran down to Fletcher’s Cove on the canal to rent a canoe for the evening.  We paddled into the shade and filled our hour rental with a route to the Chain Bridge.

Signs at Pimmit Run

We returned to our canal running route this morning, turning into Virginia once again – this time across the Chain Bridge.  Our explorations stopped short on the Pimmit Run that hugs the river bank.  When we stopped to admire the swirly pools of water and allow the dog to take a break from scaling the rocks, one of our cell phones decided to dive in.  That makes two electronics exposed to water this weekend. The phone still works.  The computer mentioned earlier now features a water-logged screen as a result of a run-in with a cup of ice water.  Maybe we should have just stayed in this weekend or gone to the movies instead.  Brave remains on our short list of movies to watch, but we weren’t adventurous enough to go to a showing in a mall packed with back-t0-school shoppers.


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