Obscure Sports and Spots

In honor of the Olympics, I attended a profession soccer match this weekend – a sport that I’ve had little interest in previously and one that I still profess little knowledge.  The invitation to see Liverpool v. Tottenham came from my brother-in-law. Fortunately, his heckles from stands provided the most entertainment. The soccer players in the exhibition game put in less effort, wilting in the same heat that forced me to abandon my perch in the metal stands and take refuge in the shade of the concession area.  I watched more than half of the game on the TV screens there, finding the breeze and the commentators more enjoyable.

To round out the day of sitting, in traffic and in the stands, we set off into the soul of D.C. for dinner, ending at the National Cathedral and Cleveland Park.  After waiting a few minutes for a table at 2Amy’s, we settled into the bar area to devour whole pizzas.  Instead of taking up valuable seating for dessert, we ventured across the street to Sweet Stuff for delicious ice cream.  This we carried to the cathedral, which lit up under a stormy sky.  The structure was closed for the day, so we walked the grounds to admire the construction, particularly in the grotesque details of the gargoyles.  I spotted a flying pig or boar, but missed the Darth Vader that guards one of the towers, so now I’m determined to go back to pay more attention.

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