A Dog’s Day in Annapolis

Sitting at the State House in Annapolis

Since reading this 2011 Washingtonian great days trips article about Annapolis, I wanted to visit the bayside city with or without the dog. We left her at home to enjoy the AC on this sweltering Sunday and set off for the hour-long journey with our navigation system set on the Naval Academy.  A boat broken down on the side of the highway just inside Anne Arundel county confirmed that we were headed the right direction, and we spotted more boats and the corresponding amount of water as soon as we reached the city.

With it’s expansive campus, the academy turned out to be an easy place to find, as was the statehouse, with it’s rotunda.  We parked on College Avenue, directly in front of St. John’s College, choosing this as our second target only after we couldn’t find substantially shaded parking in other areas.  After a short walk down Maryland Avenue, we located the Annapolis bookstore, which still looks like the picture in the magazine and greets browsers with tempting air condition and cold drinks.  The stores along Main Street offered equally inviting cool air, with at least every third storefront declaring delicious ice cream or a collection of souvenirs.  At least half of these featured crab.

Annapolis Bookstore

We selected Acme for lunch, next door to the storied Chick and Ruth’s Delly, which had already drawn a crowd for brunch and boasted a giant milkshake as a challenge, then toured the museum and the statehouse grounds, driving past the congressional buildings our on way out of town, but not without a few more stops.  Though I had never visit Annapolis before, my husband spent his first three years there, and the family had found memories of old houses and signature tastes.  They more than recommended Mike’s Crab House; they required that we stop there and bring back a fresh souvenir to the table.

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