Intermittent Storms (and Power)

We weathered the derecho, a type of storm that I hadn’t heard of until Friday, just a few hours before it struck the city of D.C.  We lost power in our apartment with the first wind gust and watched the subsequent lightning flashes in total darkness. Our power stayed off overnight, so we slept late and ventured out around noon to access the damage.  The building and car remained unscathed, though tree limbs littered the streets and sidewalks.  Starbucks up the street still had power and fresh coffee, as did the Safeway and other restaurants.  We decided to charge our cell phones in the car and enjoy the AC, which we got even more time in as we tried to find a navigable road out of the city.  By mid-afternoon, Canal Road still had large trees blocking several lanes.  Fortunately, we also had power again.  It’s been off  since then, but always returns by evening, and we hope our neighbors across the city regain their electricity soon.

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