Navigating Narrow Lanes

I drove the interstate for the first time in weeks today.  Merging into traffic reminded me why I enjoy my walk to and from work, where I only need to look both ways before I cross the street.  It also reminded me of another area where we need to navigate traffic: the grocery store.  Our local supermarket consists of narrow aisles, just wide-enough for two carts to pass side-by-side.  Occasionally, we’ll run into a traffic jam, usually at the registers, the equivalent of the exit ramps. Every now and then, we’ll select the broken cart – the one with the wobbly wheel or worse yet, the seemingly standard cart that veers into the aisles when it pleases.  This cart, which only reveals itself after in the middle of a crowded aisle, will turn head-on into displays of dry goods, threaten to roll into other shoppers from behind, and if loaded down with soda cans or a giant bag of dog food, dig its worn-out treads into the tiles and refuse to move at all.  Depending on how quickly we want to move through the store, the cart’s belligerence is an annoyance and sometimes, comical relief.  We have laughed our way down the aisle as we slow traffic.

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