A Place Where We Belong

We have lived in D.C. for a year now but still discover new parts of the city every day.  We have our regular locations – a favorite Chinese restaurant that now knows our usual order, another Japanese establishment that can almost guess which rolls we will tic off on their form, and a pizza place that gets ready to roll out a whole pie when we walk in the door.  They also recognize our dog, who waits patiently outside with one of us while the other one places our order.  We take our food home, to this small apartment that has finally started feeling like home after a year of being in it.  The tree outside our front window is in full-bloom again, just as it was when we moved here.

But as much as we feel like residents of the city, we are still visitors compared to our good friends, who this weekend enlisted the city as the setting for their wedding. They wanted to have a local wedding, which seems simple with so many choices but becomes complicated with money, family, and logistics factored into the planning.  Ashley chronicles this process beautifully on her blog.  In the end, they invited close friends and family to join them in Meridian Hill Park on a Saturday afternoon, where they stood under a hand-constructed chuppah, read their vows from their iPhones, and reminded us all that this city and it’s people can be both comforting and challenging.

After the ceremony, they invited us to wander the streets for about an hour until we reconvened at a nearby yoga studio for the reception.  My husband and I appropriately spent our time at Idle Time Books, a great two-story shop on 18th Street, that provided more than enough stories for an hour.  Later, we learned details about the couple’s story – they meet in college, stayed friends for years afterward, and eventually found each other and a shared love for D.C.  They have been invaluable experts for us on several occasions, and we were happy to share this memorable day with them.

The bride and groom at the fountain.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones. During the ceremony, a crowd of spectators gathered on the nearby hillside, cheering as the couple made their exit.  Though dressed in their wedding gown and tux, they fit in naturally.  Even their wedding was just another walk in the park.

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  1. arlusk

     /  May 21, 2012

    This makes me so, so happy. I know there is always a possibility you’ll be leaving soon, but for now I’m just going to enjoy the fact that my Clemson friend is now my city friend. ❤


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