The Finish Line

Last weekend, we ran the Monument 10K in Richmond.  I didn’t mention it here before, partly because I didn’t want to jinx our run and partly because announcing it would have made the training more serious.  Though training in winter is never that much fun, we had a pretty warm season, and aside from an allergy attack the week before, we were able to keep to our schedule and run good times for our respective waves.

We considered running a local race in D.C., such as the Cherry Blossom 5k held the same weekend, but the Richmond race served as a homecoming of sorts. We have family and friends in the area who could cheer us on, which is important when you are one in 40,000 runners, and the course isn’t as daunting as navigating the streets of D.C. In the Monument 10k, you run out and back on a single-wide street that is divided by a large grassy media.  On any given day, Monument Avenue would be one of the most picturesque streets in the city, but on the 10k Saturday it comes alive with bands at every cut-through and residents cheering on from their balconies and front porches.

Even the drizzle didn’t dampen the spirits of the runners, who came in colorfully-clad waves throughout the morning.  From where I stood, the wave start worked out perfectly.  I had enough space to navigate, but I was still surrounded by other runners who kept me motivated and on pace.  For 6.2 miles, the only thing in front of me were other runners, who from a distance appeared to be bobbing like they were floating out to see.

Now the challenge is to find our next race to run.


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