Chai, Chai Again

Like many D.C. residents, I’ve been under the weather lately.  The warm spring temperatures and up-close visit to the cherry blossoms resulted in a flair up of allergies.  After a regime of tea and honey, I resorted to more traditional remedies.  However, I’m still on the look-out for local honey.  Some believe that because honey contains pollen, an allergen, ingesting it in small doses can fend off later attacks.  With a family history of honey, I like to think that is true, plus it’s a great natural sweetener.

The honey at the local farmer’s market is within a 100-mile radius of the metro area, but there’s definitely a closer source in Georgetown, as identified in this News 4 story about a beekeeper who not only advocates for the bee population, but keeps eight hives on his rooftop.  It’s like a buzzing civilization above the city.

My tea of choice is chai.  It’s strong spices are one of the few things that I can still smell.  I discovered this type of tea in college, and it seemed so foreign then.  I grew up on hot black tea for breakfast and southern sweet tea for every other meal. Coffee was something reserved for holidays at grandparents houses, brewed strong to mask its staleness, or mixed instantly into hot water for a quick morning pick-me-up.  Now chai tea is something warm and familiar – pure comfort in a cup.

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