Love Letters on a Brown Paper Bag

To-go bag from Chipotle

Creative Design on a Chipotle Bag

It’s Valentine’s Day, so we dined at Chipotle.  Sure, Georgetown has plenty of fancy restaurants to choose from, but Chipotle seemed appropriate given our love for it in college where we first met.  The food did not disappoint, and the packaging literally spoke to me.  Upon placing my order to go, I received a brown paper bag that in addition to the witty banter that has become common fair at the food chain, readily display “Lorem Ipsum.” Designers frequently use this placeholder text to show preliminary designs or to focus on design rather than content.  It’s never supposed to be printer, but here, on this brown paper bag, it appeared deliberately, scrawled out in full sentences like an inside joke.  I couldn’t resist sharing a photo and joining the other designers who have caught this daring design.

For anyone else looking for dining delights this Valentine’s Day (or any day in Georgetown), consider the standard cupcake, reviewed here.  Though before buying, consider the cost per ounce as reported by the City Paper.

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