The Great Sandwich Debate

Taylor Gourmet

A well-lit meal at Taylor Gourmet

In honor of the Superbowl and Subway’s Februany month (where all of their footlong subs are a mere $5), I’ve recently engaged in a variety of sandwich eating endeavors.  Though Subway makes a fine, and by all accounts expected, sub, there are some other great sandwich shops in D.C.  My friend, Ashley, reviewed one for Borderstan, so when I found myself near the Taylor Gourmet after the D.C. Auto Show, I knew I had to try it.  The Cherry Street roast beef, brie, and arugula sub was  more than I could eat, literally. With meat piled high, it barely fit into my mouth, and as Ashley suggested, I easily had a half for lunch the next day.  Not only was this cost effective, but it made my co-workers jealous as well.

However, even after this delicious experience, I’m still partial to a closer and perhaps less well-known sandwich shop – Jetties near the Georgetown campus. Tucked away on Foxhall Road, this mostly outdoor spot is a favorite of families with dogs and the occasional pundit, and the menu varies from a loaded breakfast sandwich to the essential comfort sandwich creation pulled straight from the Thanksgiving left0vers, but served year-round.  On a recent visit, I sampled The Dreamland, a great combination of turkey, brie, arugula and fig spread, which added a nice layer of sweetness.  The proportions are equally substantial, for about the same cost, and everything is served to go, though just like Taylor, the shop has a few tables for those who want to dine in.

Consider the sandwich challenge served.

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  1. Um, truth: I want to try Jetties now. I love anyone who has arugula!


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