Traveling South for Winter

We haven’t had much snow in D.C. yet.  Temperatures have reached the mid to upper 50’s at least one day each week and have flirted with 60 degrees several days in January and February.  Mornings could be described as frigid, and at least two weekends have brought skiffs of snow, enough to cover the grass and the roads, but not enough to write home about. We did drive through one white-out a weekend ago, which felt like being stuck in a concrete snow globe.

Approximately 5 inches of snow

To resolve the lack of snow, we traveled south to my hometown in southwest Virginia, where not only did we receive eight inches of the white fluff, but also the fame of being the town on The Weather Channel.  We spent the long holiday weekend, curled up by the wood stove, watching episodes of our favorite TV shows (Gilmore Girls and Top Gear), and venturing out into the fields – first for fishing on the sunny Saturday and later for sledding on the snowy Sunday.


Love Letters on a Brown Paper Bag

To-go bag from Chipotle

Creative Design on a Chipotle Bag

It’s Valentine’s Day, so we dined at Chipotle.  Sure, Georgetown has plenty of fancy restaurants to choose from, but Chipotle seemed appropriate given our love for it in college where we first met.  The food did not disappoint, and the packaging literally spoke to me.  Upon placing my order to go, I received a brown paper bag that in addition to the witty banter that has become common fair at the food chain, readily display “Lorem Ipsum.” Designers frequently use this placeholder text to show preliminary designs or to focus on design rather than content.  It’s never supposed to be printer, but here, on this brown paper bag, it appeared deliberately, scrawled out in full sentences like an inside joke.  I couldn’t resist sharing a photo and joining the other designers who have caught this daring design.

For anyone else looking for dining delights this Valentine’s Day (or any day in Georgetown), consider the standard cupcake, reviewed here.  Though before buying, consider the cost per ounce as reported by the City Paper.

The Great Sandwich Debate

Taylor Gourmet

A well-lit meal at Taylor Gourmet

In honor of the Superbowl and Subway’s Februany month (where all of their footlong subs are a mere $5), I’ve recently engaged in a variety of sandwich eating endeavors.  Though Subway makes a fine, and by all accounts expected, sub, there are some other great sandwich shops in D.C.  My friend, Ashley, reviewed one for Borderstan, so when I found myself near the Taylor Gourmet after the D.C. Auto Show, I knew I had to try it.  The Cherry Street roast beef, brie, and arugula sub was  more than I could eat, literally. With meat piled high, it barely fit into my mouth, and as Ashley suggested, I easily had a half for lunch the next day.  Not only was this cost effective, but it made my co-workers jealous as well.

However, even after this delicious experience, I’m still partial to a closer and perhaps less well-known sandwich shop – Jetties near the Georgetown campus. Tucked away on Foxhall Road, this mostly outdoor spot is a favorite of families with dogs and the occasional pundit, and the menu varies from a loaded breakfast sandwich to the essential comfort sandwich creation pulled straight from the Thanksgiving left0vers, but served year-round.  On a recent visit, I sampled The Dreamland, a great combination of turkey, brie, arugula and fig spread, which added a nice layer of sweetness.  The proportions are equally substantial, for about the same cost, and everything is served to go, though just like Taylor, the shop has a few tables for those who want to dine in.

Consider the sandwich challenge served.