The Cupcake Craze (or Cure)

A half dozen of Georgetown Cupcakes

At least three cupcake shops reside on or near M Street NW: the TV-darling Georgetown Cupcake, the cult-favorite Baked and Wired, and the newer West Coast-transplant Sprinkles.  I’ve officially tried all three, starting with Georgetown Cupcake, only because it had a line waiting out of the door.  Then I moved onto the other two because they didn’t require a wait.  Baked and Wired serves larger, messier treats, with a smattering of icing on the top and the best cake base.  Sprinkles looks similar to the Georgetown Cupcakes up the street, perfectly crafted and smooth on top with a few sprinkles or other embellishment.

Georgetown Cupcakes are traditional and creative, and the seasonal offerings often steal the show. On a recent visit a few nights ago the menu favored chocolate items, from the chocolate2 to the lava fudge.  Both were delicious.  But it was the coconut that surprised me the most, not because I tasted it myself, but because my grandfather ate the whole thing and picked it over the milkshake I brought to make him feel better.  In my family, milkshakes seem to be the cure all from sore throats and wisdom-teeth removal to cancer and hospital stays, but the McDonald’s milkshake that I purchased was completely overdone.  The fast food chain no longer serve slightly congealed dairy products in a plain paper cup.  Now they make premium shakes in a clear plastic cup with whip cream on top.

Needless to say, I thought the cupcake craze could be confined to a few streets in D.C., but the confections really do make the perfect get well, farewell, or pick-me-up.

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