Men Who French Press

Our coffee maker broke about a week ago.  This weekend staple for me and daily essential for my husband left a void in our morning routine, as I would usually grind the beans and turn it on as a secondary alarm clock for him to get out of bed.  Ten to 15 minutes later the machine would sound a beep four times just as I returned from walking the dog.

We contacted they company, Cuisinart, who recommended that we clean it first and then let them know if it still wasn’t working.  When we informed them that the decalcification didn’t solve the problem, they offered to send us a new coffee maker of the same style.  Excellent customer service overall, and we’ll follow through on the shipping process after the holidays.

In the meantime, we needed an alternate brewing method, so we used one of our gift cards to Starbucks to purchase a french press.  We haven’t had one of these simple brewers in several years, so it seemed both quaint and complicated.  Similar to brewing a pot of tea, the french press uses water just off a boil combined with fresh coffee grounds.  After a four-minute brew time, the press separate the liquid from the grounds, resulting in a frothing cup of coffee.  I’ve made the error of leaving the coffee sitting in the press for several cups, and it doesn’t alter the taste, though my husband swears it does.  However, I add so much to my cup that it is better described as coffee flavored milk.

This addition prompted me to ask my coffee aficionado co-worker about her preference for making the perfect cup.  Curious to know whether she had converted to one of those fancy one-cup contraptions, I asked what she kept in her house.  In addition to the standard glass carafe coffee maker, her husband had just brought home a french press from the company gift exchange.  Ironically, he had taken it as the gift, then selected it as the one he wanted to take back home, another example of a man enamoured with the idea of the french press.

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