Better Homes and Gardens

On a recent trip, I selected Meghan Daum’s book, Life Would be Perfect if I Lived in that House, as my reading material for the cross-country flight.  The pick was partly the result of a search for a West Coast author and partly the result of finding a book to download from the D.C. library that didn’t have a two week or longer waiting list.  I love that the library allows it’s users to check out digital books for their e-readers (now including the Kindle), so I also downloaded a few travel guides in case I need to look up a good restaurant on a device other than my phone.

The book pick stemmed from my recent interesting in Better Homes and Gardens and other lifestyle and living magazines.  I can pour over the interior designs, make lists from the pages of items that I want to own one day, and basically expect my future living arrangements to sprout from the pages.  I added water to an issue once by accident when I set the magazine on the kitchen counter to cook chili by their recipe.  It shriveled instead of growing into a larger apartment with more counter space.

In her chronicles of various living spaces, Daum isn’t necessarily looking for more room either, but a place to call her own.  She loves the apartment in New York, the farm house rented in Kansas and the one later purchased there as well, and the Los Angelos abode.  She settles in on the transient American Dream, which for her is a literal dream of finding an extra room that she didn’t know existed, an realization that is at once exciting and disappointing. Though her focus on and fascination with the Plains, this book helped me stand grounded during the long flight, though it’s lessons may be less of a reality now than they were when Daum wrote most of it.

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