Slow Sunday

With time changing today back to standard time, we cherished the extra hour, which seemed to extend throughout the day.  Waking up, I had a few extra minutes of sleep, first looking at my alarm clock reading seven-ten a.m. and then turning it back so that I was wide-awake at just after six a.m.  I savored the fresh pot of coffee a few minutes longer and turned on the TV before the Today show had started.  I left for the farmer’s market before it officially opened at 9 a.m. and secured the first pastries and a hard-to-find container of pumpkin soup. I watched the Sunday morning show, feeling like I should be eating lunch by the end, and then caught up on sleep with an afternoon nap.  We extended the afternoon sun as long as we could, running a few miles on a part of the trail that I otherwise never made it too.  Warmed the soup for dinner and found the news on at its now normal time, with the clocks in agreement that the night had set in.

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