Fields of Fear

To get in the spirit of a season, a friend and I ventured to Cox Farms on Friday night for Fields of Fear.  We started with the Cornightmare, a maze of corn rows and interspersed with shacks of strobe lights, moving bridges, zombies, aliens, and evil clowns, and all other sorts of characters. We walked through with a group of six strangers, but came very close to them as we pushed through the features with body-sized black balloons.

After emerging successfully, we stopped by the games and concession stands, enjoying their spiced nuts and cider.  They farm keeps three bonfires raging at all times, both to stave off the cold nights and to provide additional entertainment.  They sell marshmallows by the bag and positing a bucket of sticks next to the flames for easy roasting. The only part that breaks into the romanticism is the wooden palates that they use in place of the logs.

To end the night, we boarded the haunted hayride.  The wagon tour traveled over at least four flood creeks, the last one almost reaching the wooden boards that we sat on.  With each stop, actors jumped from their hiding spots, but the most realistic element was the old tractor that almost stuttered to a stop over every large mud puddle. It never broke down, but stopped for an extended period in the old barn, where the strobe lights revealed wooden wizards working their magic and white unicorn seemingly out of place with the dark objects.

As we exited, we paused to check out the live animals on the farm and the toys and food for sale in the farm store.  Appropriately, the family’s black cat crossed our path, a fitting end to the evening.

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