Stories of Evolution

Rainy weekends are perfect for curling up with a good book, and this weekend, DC residents and visitors have the best selection at the 11th National Book Festival.  The two-day event, expanded from previous years, features storytelling for children and talks from the best contemporary life, poetry, and prose writers.  It all takes place on the somewhat soggy National Mall, with tents for hourly readings and book signings.

To get there, we boarded a Metrobus driven by a soon-to-be Texas preacher, who ministered to the passengers.  During the ride, he gave instructions on how o a path in the crossroads of life. He expertly navigated the tight streets to downtown D.C., telling his life story by the time we reached the Capitol.

Entrance to the Museum of Natural HistoryWe split our Saturday between the Museum of Natural History and the author readings, first exploring the fossils in the dinosaur exhibit and then listening to the anthropological poems of Claudia Emerson.  Both were expertly curated and only slightly crowded. In the museum, the heavy traffic areas circulated around the dinosaur bones and Hope diamond, an odd contrast of what can be discovered when digging through the dirt.  At the book festival, the crowds congregated around the fiction tent, where writers shared their stories of their evolution.


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