Pet Worth

We find owning a dog completely worth the investment of time and money.  Our rescue – a beagle/boxer/hound mix, named Georgia – found us during a Saturday 5-K race.  After the run, we wandered over to a pet adoption event and went home with a seven-month-old pup. Within a day, she became a part of our pack and now follows us from room to room like a jingling shadow, wedges herself in between us when we sleep, and always greets us happily after we’ve left her alone during a 2-hour shopping trip or 8-hour work day.  Fortunately, she’s reached the age where’s she content to sleep all day. She’s always set her own eating times, so she doesn’t go through food quickly, but she likes her treats, and we sometimes spoil her with new news.  Five hours later, the bone is gone or the new stuffed animal already has a hole.

That said, owning a pet can be expensive.  For us, Georgia has been completely worth the costs. Fortunately, if you are considering pet ownership, Mint has the furry finances mapped out.  In DC for example, it costs an average of $140 a month.  They provide a pie chart for other types of animals as well.  What they don’t consider, in the case of our dog at least, is the savings from gym costs.  She makes sure we continue running outside, so she’s already surpassed that first 5-K.

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