Open City

I spent early Sunday morning at one of my favorite places in the city, aptly named Open City.  With outdoor eating areas, that fill up even on 100 degree days, and the unmistakably smell of fresh coffee, it beckons even from across the district.

Perhaps part of that calling came from the street performers, whose electric violin and bass rendition of Pachabel’s Canon greeted me before I emerged from the lengthy Woodley Park escalator.  I could hear the music almost to the front door of Open City, though the rhythmic sound of spoons stirring colorful mugs quickly drowned out other sounds.  Each cup of coffee comes with two animal crackers, and I added a Earl Gray muffin, which turned out to be not only delicious, but as flavorful as some of its more famous muffin-cousins.

This breakfast location provided the perfect counterpart to my morning reading, Who’s Your City, by Richard Florida, which explores the important of place within economics and as an individual choice. So far, D.C. has welcomed us with open doors.

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