When my grandparents found out we were moving closer to them and to the large family farm, they planted an extra row of tomato plants, for a total of four rows. It’s more than enough to feed the two of them and the two of us, even when you factor in the canning that will inevitably take place later this summer.  This past weekend, they fenced off a corner of their front yard for the dog pen, for our one night, once a month visit – for our indoor dog.  It’s the “if you build it, they will come” mentality.

I guess I inherited some of it when I brought back a rogue tomato plant in a pot that will be placed somewhere in the backyard.  The beginning of my garden is sure to attract visitors of its own, from the bugs that already lurk in nearby soil to the small wild animals that inhabit our neighborhood.  Since moving in, I’ve seen a deer and several squirrels, including a while squirrel that reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and hints at the adventures I will have if I dare to follow it.

Weekend adventures here require a little plotting though, whether its finding and collected the soil and plants for the rest of my potted garden or mapping my way through and out of the city.  I’m always careful to check the map and traffic report before I head out, but no matter which interstate I pick, I end up on constant commotion.  Interstate 66 can quickly turn into a two-lane road – Eastbound does this just when you are comfortable with it, Westbound likes to play tricks in the early morning through something called lane control.  495 is under so much construction that the lane shifts feel like the planners ask children to draw up the designs, and they decided not to color in the lines.  395 to 95 has gone as expected with heavy volume, that can’t seem to pick one speed. However, with a garden growing and upcoming national holidays I hope to spend the coming weekends exploring the city that is my backyard and avoiding merging into any vacation traffic.

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