Transplants & Wishlists

The week, the Washington Post posed a question to its followers about what they would want to import to DC.  For DC transplants, the wishlists include favorite chain restaurants from other cities, and unique atmospheres and cultures from across the nation.  Of course, having just moved from South Carolina, I was most interested in what others missed from the South.

For me, good sweet tea would top the list. Sweet tea is almost nonexist in DC, except at McDonald’s, and even there its a water down version of its full-body Southern self.  I also second the call for a Sonic, where I worked after my senior year of high school, if only for the nostalgia.  On a more local level, I would love to have some South Carolina peaches right about now and all you can eat bar-b-que, with the North Carolina sweet sauce, not the vinegar kind that has crept north from Virginia.

Fortunately, DC already has all the best burger joints, even one with that name, some of which finally made their way south.  With a Chipotle and Starbucks in every neighborhood, my basic dietary needs are met, and I’m hungry to try to plethora of restaurants just beyond my doorstep.

On one final note, I haven’t missed Walmart nearly as much as I thought I would, considering my previous weekly trips there, usually on a Sunday morning to avoid the crowds.  With a Safeway down the street, I can shop for groceries when needed. I don’t have clearance tags to get excited about, but I read the weekly grocery ad like it’s the newest edition of a fashion magazine, looking to see what’s in style this week.  As a result, my grocery list and the wishlist of this DC transplant have gotten much shorter.

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