A Few of the Good Guides

Since moving to DC, my GPS has navigated me through the north parking lot of the Pentagon and directed me to turn onto a restricted residential road that truly reminded me of the topsy-turvy mountainous roads that I grew up around.  At several curves, I questioned whether I was going the wrong direction on a one-way street, since no one else seemed to be traveling in the same direction.  My only consolation were the no parking signs that faced my way.

On several different occasions, the starting point on my GPS map has been in the middle of the Potomac River, as if to tell me that I’m drowning rather than lost.  It usually puts me back on dry land and on a road in a matter of minutes, but in the meantime I’ve turned to other sources to find my way around DC, particularly to local events.  These are a few of the good guides that have worked so far:

  • DCist – a news blog documenting the nation’s capital and all of its quirks
  • DC Event Junkie – a blog devoted to events with a nightlife insider’s perspective
  • DC365 – an exploration of the places only locals know about
  • Metro(poetry)lis – an intimate look at life in the district from a dear friend



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